Since your average vacation time on Ios island is four days, we decided to write some suggestions for you. Our proposals may or may not fill your day. It depends how much time you like to dedicate to each one.

Day 1

On your first day in Ios, you can start your tour by visiting Odysseas Elytis open theatre. It's located south of Chora, in Tsoukalaria area. It was designed by the architect Peter Haupt, a professor of Berlin University. As an Ios island enthusiast, he was elected as "honored citizen of Ios". The theatre opened for the audience in 1997. It has 1100 seats and the design is based on the ancient Greek theaters. Its south direction offers a magnificent view of Ios west coast. Today many cultural events are organized here during the summer. You should visit it before midday.

After visiting Odysseas Elytis theatre, it's time to cool off. It's time for swimming! You should set as a destination one of the nearby beaches. Mylopotas beach is quite close, Gialos (Yialos) beach is near to our hotel and the main port of Ios. Both organized with sunbeds umbrellas and water sports centers, are definitely places to relax and enjoy the Aegean Sea.

After your visit to the beach, you should return to the hotel for some quiet time, but not for long! About an hour before sunset, you should arrive in Chora, the capital of Ios, and start your journey up to the cliff. Your destination is the chapel on the top. This is the best spot on the island! Not only will you see other islands, like Paros and Sikinos, an amazing view of Chora and the surrounding area, but you will also be able to enjoy one of the most well-known sunsets of Cyclades. Step inside the church of Panagia Gremiotissa.

After the sunset and a lot of photos, walk down to Chora. There are a lot of places where you can stop for dinner and afterwards for a nice cocktail.

Day 2

You should dedicate the second day for Ios exploration. The southern part of the island is a nice daily venture. We suggest Manganari beach. This is a spectacular sight. Two large sandy beaches cut in half, form two small bays. There are sunbeds and umbrellas, if you are up to it there are also water sport centers. After a few hours of sunbath, if you get hungry, there is a couple of traditional taverns where you can enjoy delicious seafood. Near Manganari, few minutes on foot to the west, there are two small beaches totally unorganized. This is a suggestion if you want to be in a more quiet spot, although the main Manganari beaches don't get enough visitors to be considered crowdy places.

After a long day at the beach, dedicate some time to relax in your hotel room before you start exploring the nightlife of Ios island. Many bars and nightclubs are available, but if you like to do something less energy consuming you can enjoy a cocktail in quieter place or have a drink by our pool bar.

Day 3

This is the day in which you should spend some time to explore the history of Ios island. You can start by visiting Skarkos archaeological site. It's located about 20 minutes on foot from our hotel. This ancient settlement is one of the most important in Cyclades. Built in the 3rd century B.C. it used to be an archaeological marvel of its time with two store buildings and a rainwater drainage system. Definitely worth visiting!

As the findings of Skarkos archaeological site are in safe environment of Ios Archaeological museum, this is the next place you should visit next. Located in Chora, an exploration of the museum can be combined with gift shopping for your friends and your family back home.

But let's not make the third day in Ios just about our island's history. There is a wonderful place you haven't visited yet. The area of Koumpara. This is a quite spectacular bay with a nice beach. If you are diving enthusiast, take your mask and flippers with you because this is the place to be! The sunset view from Koumpara is also breathtaking.

After your exploration it's time to relax before exploring the alleys of Chora after you have your dinner.  

Day 4

On your last day on Ios island, you should do whatever you discovered during your stay, that you might find interesting.

There are many choices. You can take a boat ride during which you will visit small and secluded beaches, unreachable by other means of transport. You can also visit the east side of Ios that hosts also beautiful beaches like Kalamos, Psathi and Plakes.

Of course, you can also go to Gialos beach near our hotel and spend all day swimming, relaxing and enjoying the summer sun of Ios island.