Agia Theodoti

Agia Theodoti is a beautiful beach on the northeastern coast of Ios. It is 9 km from the hotel and is a good solution for a relaxing bath at the beach even if there are a lot of visitors, you will always find a place for your towel. If you find yourself in Agia Theodoti early, you will find space under one of the few umbrellas on the beach.
Agia Theodoti beach consists of golden and thick sand. The natural environment is very impressive. The beach is a plain hemmed on three sides by mountains. Because it is protected within a large bay, rarely has big waves. Especially the northern part of the beach, which during summer days strong northerly winds blow, there are no waves and is suitable for small children.
While enjoying your swim you will have a view, apart from the spectacular bay and the surrounding mountains, to Irakleia and Naxos.
Agia Theodoti is not well organized. We recommend that you have your essential when you visit, such as water and snacks. If you have an umbrella, take it with you. It does worth a visit to this beach, as one of the most beautiful in Ios.

Papa beach

Papa beach is 17 km from Olga's Hotel on the southeastern coast of Ios island. Here you will find complete silence as Papa beach is quite far from the town and it's not easy for visitors to reach. In addition, you will not find facilities, such as umbrellas and sun beds. Papa beach is a good choice for families with children. Here your children are not threatened by waves as the beach is situated in a narrow bay. They can also play in the golden clean sand.
The area surrounding Papa beach is very impressive. The steep hills add a different touch to the beach environment. This natural beauty will keep you until afternoon.
Because the beach is not organized, you must have with you the necessary as water and even some snacks. If you have an umbrella, take it with you.

Psathi beach

Psathi beach is located on the eastern coast of Ios, 16 km from Olga's Hotel. The scenery here will bind you with nature. Away from the noises of Chora and the other touristic beaches, at Psathi you will enjoy the wonderful sand and the clear waters. Psathi is exposed to northerly winds and for this reason, when it's windy, the beach is filled with lovers of windsurfing and kitesurfing. If you are not one of them, it is better to choose another beach when winds are blowing.
Psathi is also a remote beach. So if you decide to visit, you must have water and some light food. But if you want to eat more organized, you can try unique dishes that are offered by the tavern on the beach.
The northern part of Psathi is used by nudists.
Near Psathi there are some attractions that you can visit. The picturesque chapel of Agia Irini and Paleokastro, built in 1937 on a hilltop between Psathi and Agia Theodoti, with incredible views of the surrounding islands.
If the beach will not excite you, your nearest option is Agia Theodoti.


Plakoto is one of the most distant beaches from our hotel. Located in the northern part of the island at a distance of 11 km, Plakoto is the beach that it is advisable not to visit in the days that north winds blow. It is quite exposed facing Paros and Naxos. Because it is remote, you will not find beach facilities, so you must have with you the necessary equipment and supplies. Plakoto is a combination of sand and pebbles with a rocky seabed making it suitable swimming with a mask.
Around 1.5 km east of Plakoto, near the Gulf of Karatzas there is a major attraction of Ios, an ancient tomb, where Homer is thought to be buried.


Kolitsani is a small beach located south of Chora, 1 km from the port. It's main feature is the blue clear water and the green environment with wild vegetation which makes the beach very impressive, with golden sand. It is not organized, so you have to be equipped with the necessities, such as food and an umbrella.
Kolitsani beach is also a popular boat anchorage, protected from the winds by the surrounding hills. It is suitable for naturists.
Above the beach, there is the Museum of Contemporary Art with famous painters.
In the vicinity there are tourist facilities. Access by trail from the hill.


Diamoudia is a small secluded beach at the northern part of the island, around 7 km from the town. It is a wild beach with wild landscape and rocky seabed suitable for diving with mask. It's characterized by blue water and pebbles. It is not organized, so you need to equip yourself with an umbrella and the necessary food, as there are no taverns in the surrounding area. The beach is mostly preferred by the guests by boat. It is suitable for those who want a little privacy and tranquility to enjoy a swim.


Kampaki beach is included in the isolated and beautiful beaches of the island, in the north-west part of Ios island, 10 km from Chora.
It is an unspoiled beach, with pebble, blue waters and scattered wildflowers on the beach. It is not organized, so you must be equipped before your visit. The waters are best for diving lovers with mask and less for swimming as the bottom is rocky. However, the environment offers tranquility and privacy, suitable for those who want a beach away from the crowds.
Access is either by boat or by car through a dirt road from Plakoto beach.


One of the many characteristic secluded beaches is Loretzaina beach, located 5 km west of Chora, next to the beach Diamoudia. It is a small unspoilt beach, with perfectly calm atmosphere, crystal clear water and rocky landscape, both externally and in the bottom, making it suitable for diving with mask.
There are no tourist facilities in Loretzaina beach, therefore, you should be properly equipped with the necessary.
The view of the Aegean Sea combined with the exotic setting and tranquility, make bath enjoyable to those who want to avoid the most famous and tourist beaches of Ios.
Access is difficult, as the road is dirt.


Neraki beach is a small beach on the north eastern side of the island of Ios and just above Agia Theodoti.
This is a secluded beach with no easy access, and therefore has a few visitors. It has sand and small pebbles and wild rocky landscape. The beach is suitable for diving with mask, but also for snorkelling, as the sea bottom is offered.
Access is either from the sea or from the small path that starts from Agia Theodoti.


Plakes is  also a  secluded beach, 16 km from the town, northeast of Maganari and on the east side of the island of Ios.
Like most isolated beaches of Ios island, this one is surrounded by wild landscape with rocks, green environment and white sand combined with turquoise waters that make the landscape stunning.
The access to this beach is difficult, but it does worth a visit.


Tripiti beach is located about 20 km from Chora, the capital of Ios and 2 km from Manganari, on the south side of the island.
It is a sandy beach with crystal clear water with hills and vegetation in the surrounding area. The landscape is ideal for relaxation with its natural beauty and since access is difficult, it is not visited by many people, therefore privacy dominates in this beach.
It is not organized, so you need to have your umbrella and food.
Access is either by boat or on foot following the path that starts from Manganari.
Tourist structures, such as hotels and taverns do not exist in the area, but you can find them in Manganari which is only 2 km from Tripiti beach.

Tris Klisies

Tris Klisies beach is located in the southeastern part of the island, close to Manganari, small in size and ideal for those who seek privacy and tranquility. It is not organized, so it would be good to have with you necessities, such as food and water. Despite the difficult access to the beach (walking for 10-15 minutes), the view, the landscape and the turquoise waters with golden sand will compensate you.
The beach is also suitable for naturists.
The rocky seabed is ideal for snorkelling.


Just 3km from Chora, the capital of Ios and 10 minutes walk from Ormos, there is a small beach with sand and crystal clear water, called Tzamaria. It is not ideal for swimming as the sea bottom is full of rocks, so it is suitable mainly for mask lovers.
As it is not organized, you need to take the necessary, such as water and umbrella.
Tourist facilities are not available, but you can find whatever you want to the closest area, Ormos.


Another wild beach from the many offered by the island of Ios is Valma beach, southwest of Chora, 3km far. Although it is within walking distance from the harbor, but also from the country, it is not preferred by guests because the terrain is rugged and the sea is not suitable for swimming. But the rocky seabed is suitable for snorkelling.
There are no tourist facilities in the surrounding area, but you can find whatever you want, at Ormos or at Chora, the capital of Ios island..
The beach is accessed via a dirt road on foot, 15 minutes walk from the town.


Ios is characterized by a variety of isolated beaches that offer total privacy. One of them, Vathirema beach, could not be missing from the list. Located in between Psathi and plates, it's a beautiful beach with crystal clear turquoise waters, sandy coast and green undergrowth around it.
It is preferred mostly by nudists, since there are no tourist facilities around.
Swimming is a little difficult because of the morphology of the sea with rocks that make it attractive for the lovers of diving mask.
Access to the beach Vathirema is done either from the sea or on foot.